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"96% of U.S. households now use the Internet as an information source when shopping locally and nationally for products and services... the Internet has surpassed newspapers and phone books as a local shopping information resource." Source: The Kelsey Group
How are people searching for your business?

Businesses are in flux right now, not knowing where best to list themselves to create potential customers and visibility. Phone book advertising is winding down, but businesses are still putting money into them. They are paying hundreds of dollars (if not thousands) per month to be listed in the Yellow Pages and other physical phone books, when most customers are using their smart-phone or computer to look up the listings of businesses. Making sure your business is optimized for online search is far more effective, extremely inexpensive when considering cost vs gain, and is completely trackable. Then create an INBOUND LEAD CAMPAIGN.

Turn your site into a 24 hour sales person!

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Mobile Enhancements
  • Enhance existing site to be “mobile ready”
  • Create mobile site landing page
  • QR code campaign setup and monitoring
  • Create mobile coupon campaign
  • Setup and manage mobile ad campaign
  • Setup text short code and mobile keywords
  • Setup and implement offline short code/mobile keyword promo campaign
  • Setup mobile list opt-in
Client Testimonials

“When we first started working with Business Mobile SEO our online presence was almost entirely absent. Our local listing and website search results were nowhere to be found except possibly on the third or fourth page..."

I met Steve of Business Mobile SEO at a time when my web presence was lacking.
Not to mention finding the time to “do it myself” was proving to be daunting..."